I have withdrawn because I work exclusively for people, but people obviously no longer exist. It is only a matter of the external appearance of humans, but inside there is no longer a brain capable of logical and rational thought. The neuronal connections in the brain of these human-like beings have shrunk to a minimum, the brain capacity is only used to about one percent. The mass of this species can no longer be called a higher, intelligent species. This species is no longer capable of recognising logical connections. This virus fairy tale will therefore continue and measures will follow that will result in the extinction of this human species. All this is now unstoppable. The few real people whose neuronal network is still in tact should withdraw as far as possible from the public and protect themselves, that is the only chance of possibly surviving this madness. Very few will survive this madness. This was my last, actually pointless, statement to a dying species.
Humanity is at its end, because it has completely lost its mind. This species of man, which is a selfish, malicious and stupid species, is now coming to its end, that is very certain.
Humanity is becoming visibly dumber
The handing over of thinking, and indeed of the whole of life, to managerial units brings with it subtle changes in cognitive abilities.
All these changes in cognitive abilities reflect changes in the structure and chemistry of the brain. Neurons shrink and retract their dendrites. The number of connections or synapses between brain cells also decreases, preventing important thinking processes from taking place.
In the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus, changes can be seen in the dendrites, the branched projections of neurons that receive signals from other neurons. The dendrites shrink, their branches become less complex, and they lose the dendritic spines, their tiny projections with which they receive chemical signals.
The brains also produce fewer neurotransmitters. Clear studies show that the brains synthesise less dopamine and there are fewer receptors that bind the neurotransmitter. It is clear that the entire neuronal network is regressing more and more. The current vaccinations even lead to a blockade at the synapses, so a downright destruction of the brain is taking place.
But a relatively rapid shrinking of the neural network in the brain has already been taking place for more than 60 years. The reasons lie in the lack of self-responsibility, people have handed over everything to the government and authorities, independent thinking and acting has decreased more and more or even ceased completely. The entertainment media provide the brain with information that it cannot use, it is like washing out logic and reason. In addition, many toxins, especially in "food, water and also in the air have caused the neurons to die. Aluminium in particular is a real brain killer. But schools also have a big part in this dumbing down of people, because schools stop independent thinking, the natural urge to discover, to explore and also the imagination is suppressed. The results of all this are more than evident, especially now. Humanity is literally losing its mind. That is why it is possible for certain interest groups, through politicians and the media, to present this degenerated humanity with completely illogical things and also to order measures that contradict all logic. Humanity is no longer capable of logical and rational thinking.
Of course, these processes also affect the so-called elites of this world, politicians, civil servants, etc. With these "people", however, there is another fact. It is about psychopathy.
Jim Kouri, vice-president of the American National Association of Chiefs of Police says about politicians:
"Psychopathy is a personality disorder that manifests in sufferers in that these individuals use a mixture of charm, manipulation, intimidation, and occasional use of violence to control others and satisfy their own selfish needs."
Politicians fulfil these characteristics 100%.
Further characteristics are a pronounced eloquence, superficial charm, an exaggerated perception of one's own ego, pathological lying and a general tendency to manipulate people. Psychopaths also have no sense of guilt, no remorse, always reject any responsibility and are unable to show empathy. Their lifestyle is characterised by behaviour that shows impulsivity, irresponsibility, parasitic tendencies and a lack of realistic life plans.
Many of these characteristics are also found in men and women who specifically seek powerful positions in society, including political office. Although politicians usually never engage in direct physical violence, "they usually mimic behaviours they deem appropriate in a given situation, including feigned sadness, empathy, sympathy or other human reactions to external stimuli," says Kouri.
Other personality traits of psychopaths are a pronounced narcissism, immoderate selfishness and vanity.
"Although many high-ranking politicians would naturally deny that some of their personality traits match those of serial killers or other career criminals, such examinations are nevertheless part of psychological profiling that can be used to assess the behaviour of officials and legislators at all levels of the state apparatus," Kouri said.
Of course, this also applies to politicians in other countries. Today's politicians are all psychopaths, because only psychopaths allow themselves to be controlled by the self-appointed elites of the economy and the masters of the monetary system.
Because we now know the mental state of these politicians, it should be clear to everyone that talking, pleading or even demonstrations do not make the slightest difference. Psychopaths are not the least bit touched by this, they would even let murder happen without hesitation. In addition, many demonstrations are staged directly by these political psychopaths in order to cause demonstration fatigue, because demonstrations have never changed anything. On the contrary, ignoring demonstrations even gives these psychopaths a satisfaction and a drunkenness of power. The only thing that works against these psychopaths is to switch them off, because if they are not switched off, big piles of corpses will soon pile up. Stop going to demonstrations, go together to the source of the evil and smash these psychopaths, you have every right to do so, the right of reason and the human right. But the problem in the meantime is that psychopaths rule over stupid people, because the mass of people have allowed themselves to be moulded into non-thinking, stupid consumers who believe every manipulation, mentally regressed to such an extent that, for example, the natural will to survive has been extinguished, one can speak, strictly speaking, of useful cattle and no longer of human with reason.
When human have lost their minds and yet these "human" demand that human with minds should join them, then this is completely insane.
When human have lost their minds, yet as political commanders they rise above the still thinking human and declare their stupidity to be a legal duty, then this is an insult to intelligence and complete madness.
If billions of "human" regress completely mentally and demand that the few still thinking human assimilate to them, then the thinking minority must defend itself against the superiority of stupidity. Assimilation into these lowly creatures, who often even have an academic title, is like mental castration, in which case death would be preferable. The mass of humanity has evolved into a very low, stupid species, no reason will help against this low species, this low species is very dangerous because extraordinarily stupid and must therefore be exterminated. Otherwise it means the end of all life on this planet. But stupidity has no chance of survival, so this lower species will now wipe itself out, currently through highly toxic vaccinations.
You human are ignorant, malicious and stupid. You let yourselves be manipulated and patronised by powerful interest groups. You let yourselves be set against each other, you do not think for yourselves and now you are exterminating yourselves. But the end of such a very primitive species cannot be regretted, because the end of such a vicious species that destroys not only itself but also all life on this wonderful planet is a salvation for all life. Go at last!
I no longer count myself among this mindless species.
Dr. Hellen Bakuma, Biologist and independent scientist